The Umbrian Paradise

Modern Bed and Breakfast in Rome



Newly renovated condominium.

Located in Cinecittà, known as the Hollywood of Rome. Situated only 40 meters from the underground entrance and a 15 minute train ride to the Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps or Piazza Barbarini in the center of Rome.

The apartment, with 5 private rooms with private baths, was recently renovated with the standard of a hotel but the comfort of a furnished apartment. It is perfect for a single, a group or a couple who want to be a short train ride to center of Rome without paying the downtown hotel prices.


Each room is private with bath and television – some with balconies. There is a modern kitchen and lobby for guests’ use.

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Cinecittà location

The hub of Italian cinema was founded in southeast Rome to build ex novo a town exclusively for cinema, dubbed the Cinecittà. The town was conceived in order to provide everything necessary for filmmaking: theaters, technical services, and even a cinematography school for younger apprentices. Even today, many films are shot entirely in Cinecittà. At the same time Mussolini created a national production company and organized the work of the most gifted authors, directors and actors (including even some political opponents), thereby creating an interesting communication network among them, resulting in several famous friendships and stimulating cultural interaction. Notable directors that worked at Cinecitta include Roberto Rossellini, Federico Fellini, and Michelangelo Antonioni and many others.


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