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We specialize in luxury real estate investments in the historic region of Umbria, Italy. Our handpicked portfolio of hotels, resorts, and apartment buildings showcases select luxury properties for investment, lifestyle, or a combination of both. For several years, international clients have turned to us for expert advice.

We are passionate about the exceptional investment opportunities in Umbria. In today’s market, it takes more than the right price to buy property, especially luxury property, and we will take you through it step-by-step.

A boutique luxury real estate firm with Umbria property experts

Italy is known for its complex red tape, including its property transactions. Whether you are a buyer or seller in international real estate markets, we can guide you with the professional advice and personalized service that only a small boutique firm can deliver.

Luxury Properties Italy (LPI) is the internet arm of VZ Properties LLC, a specialty real estate firm founded in 2003 in Seattle, Washington, USA, with staff in Rome.

3 reasons to buy real estate in Umbria through Luxury Properties Italy

  1. Focus: Our hand-selected properties are in the historic region of Umbria, in or near the city of Todi. We understand the area’s advantages, properties, and investment environment.
  2. Personalized and Confidential Service: We take a personal interest in your property purchase. You will deal with our principals, who are fluent in English, Italian, and Russian. Your inquiries are always confidential
  3. Knowledge and Expertise: Our team members have high-level experience in real estate, property management, international marketing, and the unique legal requirements for buying property in Italy. We can help structure complex transactions and find creative financing solutions. In some cases, special funding is available to renovate historic properties.

Custom real estate services for international buyers

We guide you from finding the right property match to navigating Italy’s complex, 3-stage property purchase process (purchase proposal plus preliminary and final purchase contracts, with specified amounts due at each step):

If you own a prestige property in Umbria that you think might be of interest to us and the worldwide luxury real estate market, please call or email us today.

About Vittoria


Vittoria Zack has traveled and worked in 64 countries, including Europe (primarily Italy and Russia), China, Asia Pacific and South America. In 15 years of international work, she developed an exceptional understanding of customer needs in global business operations, real estate, property management, and corporate and luxury housing.

Vittoria founded VZ Properties, LLC in 2003 and Zack Corporate Housing in 2005, growing the company from 10 units to hundreds of furnished properties in 2009. Previous roles included Director, International Marketing, for Seattle’s Best Coffee (now owned by Starbucks) where she developed the international marketing and franchise strategy in Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

She lived and studied in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Parma, Italy. She holds a master's degree from the University of Oregon and a bachelor’s degree from Washington State University.

Vittoria works in both Italy, where she has a large extended family and directs Luxury Properties Italy, and near Seattle, Washington. She is a Certified Corporate Housing Professional (CCHP), and speaks Italian and English.

About Sergio Velutti


Sergio Velutti is a certified Administrative Agent who handles property sales in Italy. The Administrative Agent is the central party, acting for both seller and buyer.

Italy’s property laws are numerous and complex. Local requirements and taxes vary greatly, and an administrative agent helps you navigate them.

Sergio has handled property sales of all sizes, from individual homes to large commercial investments. He has been an Administrative Agent for 15 years, certified in Rome. His special expertise is in complex local taxation requirements and their financial implications.

Also a property developer and investor, Sergio is experienced in the intricacies of historic restoration and creative financing. He has close working relationships with architects and construction firms, and with banks and private investment sources.

Sergio is based in Rome (Lazio region), and develops properties in Umbria and Lazio.

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Vittoria Zack
President, VZ Properties, LLC

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Sergio Velutti